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Shade "Dae Marie" Sheilds

RnB Music Is My Passion

shade da marie


By: Shadé Shields



At a young age, Shadé’s passion for music was undeniable. Named after the iconic R&B soulstress herself, she wanted nothing more than to be just like her idol and dreamed of becoming someone famous. The Texas native grew up as a military brat to parents in the Air Force and she alongside her twin sister both moved constantly but soaked up every bit of culture during their travels. Throughout her childhood, Shadé emerged herself into musical activities such as choir, orchestra, dance, and piano. Her love for music only grew stronger with the historic evolution and influence of the 90’s. After graduating high school Shadé moved to the sunny beaches of California to pursue her Nursing degree. Subsequently over a decade on the west coast, she desperately wanted a change. Her father coincidentally just retired and moved not too far from where she was and that place was Las Vegas.

For the past 7 years, Shadé has been a noteworthy leader in the Las Vegas Real Estate game. Not knowing much about the profession, she started as a receptionist for a local Real Estate Brokerage. She quickly learned the ropes and soon became Director within a year. She has since helped shape unprecedented agents to dominate and leverage the Real Estate market. She hopes to grow and get involved in different departments of the industry with personal investments and dreams of building a solid Airbnb portfolio.

Even though she considers real estate as one of her biggest accomplishments, the one thing that has completely changed her life was joining The RnB Live Podcast. Being able to Co-host alongside some of the most incredible humans she has ever met in the music industry is a blessing in itself. The podcast completely took her out of her shell and only amplified her love and appreciation for music and she only wants her viewers to feel the same.

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